Building the Remarkable in the Twenty-First Century

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What makes a remarkable residence? Is it the size, the style, or perhaps even the location? Could it be a combination of these factors that lends a home the air of distinctiveness or x-factor which the client craves, and the average viewer instantly recognizes? Perhaps, but likely not just these elements. Remarkable homes come in all shapes and sizes, and style is indicative of type and taste rather than something transcendent of opinion. 

Could it be that a remarkable home is birthed from construction techniques or that individual who pours their soul into the project? These facets are certainly components of a remarkable home but do not necessarily equate to its existence. 

Here at Larry Boerder Architects, we believe an exceptional home is created through attention to the basic factors of proportion, scale, and symmetry. These three factors, in tandem with attention to the hundreds of thousands of little, oft unobserved details, breed unparalleled residences. Alone, the wider width of a door might seem an irrelevant facet; however, that detail in consideration with the scale and proportion transforms that door into a unique passageway. Like a mathematical equation, elements add up to equal the remarkable.

This blog is devoted to those small details— the stone, wallpaper, mouldings, woodworking, etc. Here we chart a story of craftsmanship and design that narrates the process and unveils the equation which results in the remarkable.

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Jeremy Richardson